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Unique times call for unique ideas

In these times of COVID-19, there has been so many important dates put on hold or celebrated to a much lesser degree.  Maybe you still want to mark the occasion with some photos and add that “pomp and circumstance” that just seems to be missing in these trying times.

You still want to be able to look back with some fond memories of your momentous occasion and have some fun while doing it.

Come and check out our selection of “fancy” dresses and maybe we have one that you might have wished to have worn…..if the event was like in past years.  We can help, instead of buying you could “borrow” it instead and even have a grand photo shoot and feel like it wasn’t such a scaled down event after all! Graduation, weddings, important family gatherings and so many other events that have been almost hidden from sight due to the pandemic.

And no matter what the occasion, even in “normal times” maybe you just want something nice to wear for a photo shoot, without the huge expense of buying something outright.  


We’d be happy to help you find something just right!

This “rental” business is a work in progress for Boomerang Boutique, we do have a small but stunning collection of dresses and other outfits. Please keep us in mind for the future as well, as we hope to keep building and helping our customers to fill their needs.

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