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Consignment accepted for drop-off anytime

Spring and summer season
Accepted February — end of July

Fall and winter season
Accepted mid-August — mid-January

Please note: Fall/Winter item drop offs are currently paused until December 13, 2022


Selections are made based on a number of factors including style and brand popularity, condition, and current stock. Clothes must be freshly cleaned, seasonal, and in near perfect order. We will not accept items with stains, holes, missing buttons, animal hair, smoke smell or other disrepair. We accept and sell all sizes as long as they fit our requirements for quality and need!

Now accepting:

  • Trendy and timeless mid- to high-end women’s street fashion.

  • ALL labels will be considered, but faster-fashion items must be in excellent condition and will be priced accordingly. Items will be taken based more on what is needed in store and what we think will sell, rather than on the brand. Please note that requirements can change, so what was once not taken, might be just what the store is looking for another time….and vice-versa. Not all consignment stores are the same, so please take that into account as well.

  • Eclectic, vintage & retro styles in excellent condition.

  • Healthcare uniforms: Scrubs and non-surgical uniforms.

  • Fashionable handbags, stylish costume jewelry, almost new shoes.

  • Maternity clothes.

  • Bathing suits and lingerie – only brand new with tags.

Sorry, no used sleepwear or undergarments.

The Boomerang Process

1. Contract

New consignors must fill in a contract to consign with us. Please consider printing it off from website prior to coming in, filling it out and bringing it with you at first drop-off.

  • Read the contract agreement and its terms and conditions.

  • Initial and sign, agreeing to all terms.

  • Sit back and wait for your items to sell

2. Drop Off

We offer consignment drop-off only, we do not go through items on the spot (typically, your items are processed within 3 – 7 days; however, during busy demand times it may take longer!)

Clothing will be steamed before it is put out for customer shopping (keep in mind that when we steam and tag clothing, we may find flaws we didn’t initially notice and the items may not make it to the sales floor).

Please follow the guidelines below prior to drop off:

  • All clothing must be freshly laundered and in good to excellent condition.

  • No hangers or garment bags please.

  • Only 1 garbage bag (or equivalent size) will be accepted per person, per drop-off. Please consider labelling your drop-off to avoid any possible mix-ups. As well, indicating if you want items back on your label would be extremely helpful.

3. Pick Up/Donation and Selling Process

  • If you choose to pick up the items we do not accept to sell, they will be held for a maximum of 7 days after consignor is notified. It is only at original drop off that you will be given the option to get items back. If not picked up in that time-frame, items will be donated to Charity.

  • If you do not ask for items that we decide not to sell back, we will proudly donate to a worthy Calgary Charity.

  • Consignors will receive 35% of the selling price after the items have sold. Please note that management sets the price of all items based on brand, style and condition. Prices and consignor split of high-end designer items may be negotiated.

  • If you do have any exceptionally high-end items, especially in jewelry, please point this out at drop-off.

  • All items are left at your own risk. We cannot be responsible for loss or damage.

  • Items are subject to sale at any time. We have various sales throughout each season.

  • Items may be removed and sent to charity at any time by management discretion. This would be due to damage or disrepair, lack of interest or space needed for new items.

  • Items will expire approximately  after a 3 month selling period.

  • We do not call consignors when items expire

  • After 3 months, unsold items will either be moved to the Last Chance Fire Sale area (priced at $7 or less) or donated. Jewelry will sometimes be the exception to the 3 month rule, it typically takes up much less space and will be looked at separately as to how long it can be kept, it really will just depend on how much is on hand at any one time.

  • You are welcome to come retrieve your items anytime during the 3 months period, it is up to you to keep track of the timeline for your items.

  • Call the store anytime to check on the status of your account.

4. Payment

  • We do not offer cash payouts.

  • Money on your account that is not collected or used as store credit expires after one year.

  • Credit accumulates as items sell.

  • You can use your credit towards in-store purchase or receive a payout. Payouts are made via e-transfer for amounts of $30.00 and above. Any amount on your account can be used for credit.

  • Cheques by special request only, with a $1.50 service fee (cheques are expensive!)

  • Payouts via e-transfer are done free of charge on every second Tuesday, by request only. To request a payment, please email or call the store.

  • It is the responsibility of the consignor to review the consignment process and to maintain your account.

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