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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules in times of COVID-19?

At BB, we are looking forward to the day when we don’t have to address this situation anymore. But it is here and we can’t avoid it. We are following all the usual protocol, wearing masks as well as regular sanitizing and cleaning.

We want our customers to have a pleasurable experience while in the store. We ask that you please sanitize your hands upon entering and leaving. If you happen to forget your mask, we will have a brand new one for you to wear while in the store.

We encourage you to please feel comfortable in trying on clothes while in the store, we won’t immediately put anything back that isn’t purchased and they will be re-steamed before being put back on the rack.

We can offer curbside pick-up on anything that is featured on our social media sites via e-transfer.

When am I able to drop off items for consignment?

Drop offs are accepted during any of our business hours! Please check out our policies and contract.

If BB has sold some of my items can I get my money in cash?

No, sorry but cash payout is not an option. We offer the following options for payment once we have sold your items:

  1. Request an e-transfer once you have accumulated $30 or more on your account. You can check on your account whenever you are in the store, via e-mail or by calling during open hours. E-transfers are sent every 2nd Tuesday, so be sure to contact us in order to be added to the payout list.

  2. Payment via consignment credit. This can be used in-store at any time.

  3. Cheques by request only, $1.50 service charge for each cheque written.

Does my consignment credit expire if I don't use my money right away?

Dormant accounts, unreachable consignors and credit on account for which we have received no direction will expire after 1 year.

What happens to my clothes if they don't sell?

As per our contract, we keep clothing items on the floor for approximately 3 months. If your items do not sell, we will proudly donate them to a worthy charity. As a new business, we are still looking to find the right charity to “partner” with.

I am a local vendor, can I sell my products at your store?

We love supporting the YYC community and are very interested in discussing with you any possibilities of being able to showcase your items in our store. As long as we feel it would be a good fit and have the space, we would be happy to work with you in making this happen.

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